Titanium Tubing Technology has diversified its portfolio to serve more clients and wider range of industries. We recently partnered up with MERUS GmbH and promote an Environmentally friendly water treatment technology (MERUS Ring) that has been around for 23 years.

Since 1996 MERUS have been providing solutions for common challenges in the water industry. This technology has been used in private homes, small building and large industrial facilities.

We advice and support you to get rid of limescale, corrosion or biofouling in your pipe and machines. No matter how small or big your problem is.


By installing the MERUS Ring around the pipe, the solubility of the soluble parts in the water will increase.

This means for example: more limescale is soluble in the water and runs off with the water instead of blocking pipes and valves.

The trick here? We use the natural oscillation which is characteristic for every chemical substance. This can be changed to our benefit with superimposing waves.

This method of water treatment doesn’t need any additional energy source and the consumption of the chemical additives in the water can be reduced while there will be no side effects. This is ideal for drinking water as well as industrial water.

For industrial applications we will send a technician to make sure the rings are installed correctly.

How MERUS works

The special thing about MERUS Ring is that no chemistry is needed to treat the water. This is ideal for drinking water as well as industrial water. No undesired side effects or environmental damage is to be concerned about.

MERUS Ring does change the physical behavior of dissolved ingredients of the water. This may sound a bit complicated but is rather simple.

Changing oscillations

Water can carry a certain number of foreign particles. If this amount is exceeded, these particles settle and can form a hard crust. One popular example is limescale. It’s very important to know how the atoms of water and limescale move or oscillate. If somehow, this movement is changed, the solubility of limescale in water will increase.

The atoms move synchronously, this means that every single atom oscillates just like its neighbor. If a new oscillation is brought into the movement, these two can overlay. This is called interference. Thus, two different oscillations result in one new. The new oscillation that is brought into the fluid intentionally, is called active oscillation

How the oscillation is brought into the fluid?

To bring the oscillation into the fluid a carrier is needed which can maintain and transmit the oscillations. We have developed a ring which needs to be installed around the pipe. No direct contact with the fluid is needed. The oscillations can be transmitted into the fluid through the pipe.

An illustrative example for this phenomenon is how music (acoustic waves) is transmitted through the air. You can hear the music coming from a loudspeaker without touching it. With enough volume you can hear it in an adjoining room, through the wall. Just the same is what the MERUS Ring does – it transmits waves or oscillations to the fluid.

The interference is a phenomenon used for listening to music. To reduce noise and enhance the sound of the music a concept called “anti-sound” is used. Even if this sounds unbelievable – two sounds can result in silence. More explanation by James May.


Superimposing oscillations – basics

Natural Oscillation, Active Oscillation, Resulting Oscillation

The natural and active oscillation may have the same frequency but opposing amplitudes.

They are exactly superimposed and therefore cancel each other out. That is why the resulting oscillation lays on the x-axis.

The natural and active oscillation may have same frequency but different amplitudes. (tops and valleys are at the same time)

In such cases, they mutually reinforce each other. Thus, the resulting oscillation has a higher top than the original oscillations.

Our Experience

We have been doing water treatment for more than 20 years.

In the past we have made our experiences with nearly every issue concerning fluids in various industries and applications.

From the deserts to the cold north, from drinking water to crude oil, onshore and offshore – MERUS Rings are doing excellent work in all areas.

If you are interested, just use the offer of testing the effect in a trial phase.


Case Studies Overview

What we promise

We are able to visualize the effect of a MERUS Ring in your pipes, machines or water systems and make it measurable. There are different methods for a before and after comparison to show the performance of the water treatment. Often existing methods can be used.


We are convinced of the performance of our MERUS Ring. For two decades we have been installing our rings all over the world for different applications.

That’s the reason why we give a full warranty on the effect for years after the purchase. If you should have the impression that the effect diminishes over time please contact us to find a solution for this.

We have a heart for sustainability. This means: under normal conditions the MERUS Ring works far longer than five years. We guarantee the performance of the MERUS Rings for five years.


Installing the MERUS Ring is very simple. No shut down or cutting of pipe in required. The details are thoroughly explained in our installation manual that comes with the delivery of the MERUS ring.



For more info please contact;

Gaz Rahchamani

(+1) 587 – 585 – 5251