Titanium sets new Canadian e-coil perforating record

July 8, 2016

Lloydminster, Alberta – Titanium Tubing Technology Ltd. has set a new Canadian e-coil perforating record. The company successfully shot 52 guns for Teine Energy Ltd. in Kindersley Sask., using Hunting Titans’ Select Fire Perforating System. Titanium deployed the guns string in one run with its 60.3mm e-coil.

“Titanium is always looking for new ways to improve our systems and grow with our customers. Our team of highly trained service line professionals have teamed up to make this possible,” said Pat Potter, chief executive officer. “The partnership between our staff and Teine Energy has given us the opportunity to take our services to a new level.”

The record was previously held by Tucker Energy Services Canada. Titanium acquired Tucker’s cased hole division in 2015.