Wireline Services

Titanium Tubing has 5 Cased hole wireline trucks which include 2 mast units, 2 conventional and 1 fiber optic Hybrid unit. These units are able to perform all cased hole logging and perforating. Combined with our coiled tubing units, we are able to provide the highest quality E-Coil logging and perforating. Titanium Wireline offers premium logging tools that can provide solutions to all of your well questions.


Cased Hole Wireline Services:

Casing Inspection

  • Multi-Finger Caliper (MFC)
  • Magnetic Thickness (MTT)

Radioactive Logging

  • Gamma Ray Log
  • Compensated Neutron Log [83mm & 43mm] (CNL)
  • Density Interface Log

Acoustic Logging

  • Cement Bond Log (CBL)
  • Radial Cement Bond Log (RCBL)
  • Array Sonic Evaluation Tool (ASET)
  • Dipole Sonic Logging
  • Multifunction Ultrasonic Imaging Logging Tool (MUIL)
  • Cement Bond Imaging Logging Tool (CBMT)

Production Logging (PL)

  • Gradiomanometer Log
  • Dual Pressure Sensors Log
  • Fluid Density Log

Mechanical Services

  • Setting of Packer/Plug/Retainer
  • Gauge Ring/Junk Basket
  • Dump Bailer
  • Swabbing

Pipe Recovery – Investigative Services

  • Free Point
  • Downhole Video
  • Impression Block

Pipe Recovery – Intervention Services

  • String Shot
  • Jet Cutter
  • Chemical Cutter

Perforating – Wireline / E-Coil  / Pipe Convey

Wireline Convey

  • High Density Squeeze Gun
  • Weep Gun [1 to 2 Shots]
  • Expendable Thr’ Tubing Guns (RTG)
  • Expendable Retreivable Guns (ERHSC)
  • ERHSC Unscalloped  Seamed (ECO)
  • StimGun
  • Tractoring

Tubing Convey (TCP)

  • Mechanical / Hydraulic Firing Head
  • Pressure Release Sub (KOBE)
  • Mechanical Gun Release
  • Radioactive Marker Sub
  • Fill/Flow Sub
  • Hydraulic Tubing Drain

E-Coil Convey

  • Hz Perforating
  • Select Firing System
  • Oriented Perforating


Fibre Optic Monitoring, DTS , iDAS

  • Estimate Total Flow rates and Oil/water holdup
  • Monitor Fluid vs gas flow rates individually
  • Monitor Steam Injection / steam flood / leaking
  • Steam ports /packers, steam chamber growth
  • Monitor acoustic signature of ESP’s
  • Monitor gas lift systems (acoustically)
  • Monitor gas breakthrough in Hz wells
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Seismic & Repeat Seismic
  • Cement Integrity (on permanent installation)
  • Flow back / warm back
  • Surface Casing Vent Flow  – SCVF